EMA public stakeholder meeting on the approval and roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines in the EU

Together with the EU regulatory network, EMA has been working around the clock to bring much needed COVID-19 vaccines to EU citizens as quickly as possible, while keeping the same rigorous standards of approval as for all vaccines.

EMA is organising this open event to:
• Explain the basis for the approval and use of the new vaccines and how the safety of the vaccines will
be assured;
• Provide information on the role of the European Commission and the national public health authorities
on the roll-out of the vaccines;
• Listen to the public and stakeholders on their needs, expectations and any concerns.

Registration link: https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/events/public-stakeholder-meeting-approval-roll-out-covid-19-vaccines-eu

This event will be broadcast live.
Live tweets will be published during the event. Follow the #EMAPublicMeeting2 hashtag on Twitter.


08 jan 2021


13:00 - 15:15




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EMA - European Medicines Agency


EMA - European Medicines Agency
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