Globala dagen för universell sjukförsäkring för alla

Build the world we want: A healthy future for all

Each year on 12 December, Universal Health Coverage Day marks the date to call on leaders to make smarter investments and accelerate efforts towards “Health for All”.  In the world we want, everyone everywhere has access to quality healthcare whenever they need it without suffering financial hardship.

Universal health coverage (UHC) lifts people out of poverty, promotes the well-being of families and communities, protects against public health crises, and moves us toward health for all. This year’s theme, “Build the world we want: A healthy future for all,” emphasizes that in order to build strong health systems we need equity, trust, healthy environments, investments and accountability.

UHC Day is an opportunity to celebrate progress and raise awareness for what is required to deliver essential health care for families and communities everywhere. This Universal Health Coverage Day marks the kick-off of WHO’s 75th anniversary of making health for all a reality and the countdown to the high-level meeting on UHC taking place at the UN General Assembly in 2023.

In the past two decades, the UHC service coverage index in the Western Pacific Region, which marks progress on increasing access to essential health services, has increased from 49 in 2000 to 80 in 2019. However, inequities in service coverage and financial hardship exist in many countries, especially among vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations.

As we have over the past 75 years, WHO stands with all people, communities and organizations across the world in taking action to “Build the world we want: A healthy future for all”.

WHO – Världshälsoorganisationen har sedan många år arbetat för att kostnader för basal hälso- och sjukvård utjämnas över världen, Den här dagen handlar om att alla behöver få en grundläggande sjukförsäkring, oavsett ekonomiska förutsättningar hos den enskilda personen.


12 dec 2022


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