How will the European Health Data Space enable more effective sharing of health data?

Data has always been a foundation for research, innovation, and the development of health care. Access to data generated in healthcare for secondary use – i.e. for purposes such as research, product development, or community planning – is limited and it is often claimed that health data is underutilized.

In order to make full use of the potential of health data, the European Commission is currently developing a regulation to set up the European Health Data Space (EHDS). This will comprise a common infrastructure for health data within the EU, including rules, common standards, and practices, as well as a governance framework. The aims conclude “a consistent, trustworthy and efficient set-up for the use of health data for research, innovation, policy-making, and regulatory activities”.

Welcome to a seminar exploring the benefits and challenges of sharing health data for secondary use. The questions addressed include: How have the suggested principles for the secondary use of health data within EHDS been developed? In what ways will the EHDS framework facilitate access to health data within the EU? When can we expect the first steps of implementation? What can we learn from recent changes in the health data regulations in Finland?

You will learn more about both EHDS as well as experiences from recent changes in national regulations in Finland. The speakers Michel Silvestri, Head of unit at the Swedish eHealth Agency (E-hälsomyndigheten), and Elina Drakvik, Health data specialist at Sitra in Finland, are both deeply involved in the development of EHDS and will share their experiences from the work as well as point out important steps when moving forward. Andreas Namslauer from Stockholm Science City will moderate the seminar and give a few insights from a report based on the symposium Future of life science: the data revolution in life science and health care held in May 2022.

The report from our symposia “The future of life science: Data revolution in life science and healthcare” will be released at the seminar.

Of course, you will have the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers. The seminar will be in English.

WHEN: Thursday February 23, Breakfast is served from 8:00. Seminar 8:30 – 9:45.
WHERE: Axel Wenner-Gren salen, Wenner-Gren Center, Sveavägen 166

Sign up on February 16 at the latest. The number of seats is limited



23 feb 2023


08:00 - 09:45


Stockholm Science City Foundation
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