Seminarium – Sällsynta cancerdiagnoser

Program FOKUS Rare Cancers Seminar

February 2023 at 10.00-12.45

Digital seminar – in English

Kl.10.00            Welcome by Penilla Gunther, Founder of FOKUS Patient® and Member of Cancer Mission Board, for implementing Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.

Kl.10.05            Detection of cancer through new diagnostics.                     

                          Genetical testing is performed for a handful gene changes indicating that tumors can answer targeted treatment for these changes. GMS – Genomic Medicine Sweden aiming to develop and introduce in clinical routines, a targeted diagnostics for mutations in about 500 genes relevant to the development of the cancer and choice of treatment.

Richard Rosenquist Brandell, Chair GMS Board and Professor of Clinical Genetics, Karolinska University Hospital

Kl.10.25            Rare Cancers’ Challenges and Patients’ Needs: The Views of European Patient Advocates

Ariane Weinman, Public Affairs Senior Manager, the European organization of Rare Diseases, EURORDIS            

Repr The National Patient Organization for Rare Diseases in Sweden TBC

Kl.10.45            Rare Cancers in Europe – how does the research and development looks like?        Ivana Cattaneo, Member of Steering Committee, Rare Cancers Europe & Executive Director Oncology Policy & Healthcare Systems, Novartis

Kl.11.05            Examples of cancer diagnoses in Sweden and the patient organization’s view on research and future for new treatments

  • Sarcoma

Magnus Carlsson, President, The Swedish Patient Association for Sarcoma

  • Rare Blood Cancer

Lise-lott Eriksson, President, The Swedish Blood Cancer Patient Association and President of Myeloma Patient Europe

  • Pancreas and other cancers

Anders Bovin, Member of Board, The Swedish Cancer Patient Organization PALEMA

Kl.11.55            The knowledge of Rare Cancer and hereditary cancer

Onco-genetic clinics investigate hereditary cancer and work has started to establish for a centre for personcentered cancer prevention with focus on families with hereditary cancer risks which will increase information and knowledge.

Svetlana Bajalica Lagercrantz, Associate Professor, National Co-ordinator European Network for Hereditary Cancer Risk Syndromes (ERN GENTURIS), Process leader at Regional Cancer Centre (RCC) Stockholm Gotland for Rare Cancer Risk Syndromes

Kl.12.15            Discussion with speakers and participants

Kl.12.45           Avslutning

ANMÄLAN TILL senast den 18/2 för länk till seminariet



20 feb 2023


10:00 - 13:00


Digitalt möte


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